Everything a Manager should know about Costa Rican Labor Law – Printed + Digital


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Everything a Manager should know about Costa Rican Printed and Digital Labor Law!

We know that every day involves important decisions, that is why we enable the possibility of acquiring the Physical + Digital guide. The best of two worlds!

This format allows you to choose, depending on the time or place where you are, how to resolve your concerns, since you will have a basic guide for making decisions with the necessary regulatory, doctrinal and jurisprudential support.

With your purchase you will receive:

  • 1 printed copy of Everything a Manager
  • 1 access to the digital version of Everything a Manager
  • Newsletter updates. Each time a modification is made in any of the laws of our country, they will be included or modified in the original text as appropriate.
  • Additional content. With this we seek to facilitate the understanding of reading and its application on a day-to-day basis. The content will be developed in different formats depending on the topic to be discussed; audio, video, text or image.

The acquisition cost of the digital platform is annual, so you will have access to content and updates for 12 months. Once the term has expired, you will be able to renew your membership by this means and will continue to receive updates as well as access to the content.

Among the most relevant updates made you will find:
  • Personal data protection.
  • Telecommuting.
  • Reforms to the Comprehensive HIV-AIDS Law.
  • Barter.
  • Suspension of contracts / Reduction of working hours.
  • New regulations for the delivery of the labor capitalization fund.
  • Holiday changes and your enjoyment.
  • Among other topics

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