Webinar / Mental Health, Labor Relations and Emotional Salary

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Mental health and emotional salary

For the sustainability and competitiveness of organizations, it is necessary to invest in new areas that are of great importance for companies. But, they also respond to the new needs of workers.

This is where it becomes important to understand what do we mean by mental health? What is the role of employers? And what problems do employers face?

In this seminar we have the participation of Verónica Gutiérrez, Master in Work and Organizational Psychology and our founding partner Francisco Salas, Lawyer specialized in Labor Law. Both figures analyzed in depth how to understand this concept, prevent it and treat it in each company.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can purchase the recording here and recap the entire event.

Duration: 3:40 minutes.

Remember, every manager and employer, as well as human resources, administrative and financial personnel, etc., face the work stress of the time, the demand, extended work hours and this causes the worker to be exposed to risk factors in mental health .


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