Our Corporate Law advisory services cover any legal aspects concerning the devise and incorporation of your company: corporate structuring, relationships among partners, compliance with applicable laws, and situations from the ordinary course of business.

How can we help?


  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance with corporate obligations
  • Free Trade Zone Regime consulting
  • Arrangement of corporate meetings of any kind
  • Real Estate (due diligence, wealth structuring, acquisition of assets using local funds or from abroad)


  • Drafting of notary certifications not involving the use of notary protocol
  • Review and preparation of minutes of meetings for business corporations
  • Contracts review
  • Conciliation agreements

Why do you need corporate legal services?

Dispute resolution in court is extremely slow and costly, which is why we rely on the provision of preventive advisory services as the best resource to avoid conflicts; when these are unavoidable, however, we provide support and grounds to help you resolve them in a favorable manner.

We focus on creating long-lasting relationships to help you solve contingencies and foresee future developments, thereby providing your business with the necessary security and stability. Our advisory is intended for individuals and also for small-, mid- and large-sized companies.

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