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Privacy Policy

This policy is monitored and maintained by: Marco Arias, partner at BDS Asesores.

About Us

We are BDS Asesores Jurídicos, a regional law firm devoted to bolster companies. For further information, please contact our team of legal professionals.

What personal data we are collecting from you and why

When visiting our website, we may collect and process some information through any of the following means:

  1. When you enter your information in the “Contact us” form.
  2. When you contact us via email, messages, phone or otherwise.
  3. Through your web browser, cookies or a similar software.

Use of information

All personal information we collect from you is used to provide our services or for any legitimate interests of our firm. Entering your personal information is not necessary to access or use most part of our website; however, our firm might request certain identification information from you in order to access special or restricted-content modules, services or applications.

Generally, the reason to collect such information is based on our legitimate interests and we will never put our interests before those of our clients or their rights. Our interest is to process your information in the most professional way and aimed at providing the best possible service.


“Cookies” are small text files installed in your Internet browser, which contains a large amount of data created when a person navigates through our website. Other tracking technologies, such as “web beacons,” pixels or “gifs” work similarly to “cookies.”

Like with most websites, our firm uses the “cookies” we collect to capture certain information regarding the use of your sites:

Our firm uses analytics cookies to understand how our clients use our website. These “cookies” measure the number of visitors and tell our firm how they use our website.

When our clients use our website to reproduce video content at the site, such as and YouTube, analytics cookies are established to measure the performance of said video files.

The firm provides tools to share content (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Where used, the tools to share content from said sites will establish a number of “cookies” under the terms of their own platforms.

Third-Party Cookies:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Hubspot

Our firm reviews our privacy terms on a regular basis and reserves the right to perform any necessary changes to process this information in an appropriate manner and consistent with the applicable laws.

Who may access or receive your personal data

Generally, only our employees will receive any personal data provided during your visit to our website. In specific circumstances, we might be required to provide third parties with information stored by us, including regulatory agencies or law enforcement authorities. In these cases, we will share this information in accordance with the applicable laws and where strictly necessary.

Our firm does not keep or store any information with the intention to transfer your personal data to third parties other than our firm.