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Strategic Services

In BDS WE EMPOWER COMPANIES. We deliver value to our clients by providing preventive and corrective counseling through specialized, customized, and groundbreaking legal services on corporate labor law and related matters.

Private Labor Law

Our Firm offers its clients, ranging from multinational enterprises to SMEs, the possibility of counting on ongoing legal advice on everyday issues according to their needs.

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Public Labor Law

Our practice integrates Constitutional Law and Public Labor Law to provide counseling to Public Sector Institutions. We are experts!

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We have a specialized team of lawyers that will provide integral counseling on all phases of your litigation.

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We understand that the need for talent has no borders and having the best team is the priority.

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Seminars and Trainings

In open or “in-house” formats, we regularly conduct updating seminars and training programs on labor-related subjects of national relevance. 

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Add-On Services

Add-on services are focused on adding value to the human talent of your organization. 

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Digital Platforms

Our digital platforms are subscription-based services, ideal for those who wish to learn on labor law matters at their own pace, and need time to do so based on their time availability.

BDS Tools

 Permanent access to our publications, recordings, labor calculators, and self-assessment tools.

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E-learning Services

Make sure your leadership is trained in the proper application of the principles governing labor regulations.

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EPI Centro

 Introducing a solution rooted in an “epicenter of synergies,” designed to seamlessly enhance the management of our clients’ training procedures (upskilling, reskilling, assessment, and certification) with simplified yet impactful value addition.

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Business lines

Our business lines are focused on adding value to grow your company through our payroll management and corporate legal advisory services.

Payroll Management

Our payroll management services provide you with improved functionality vs in-house services.

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Corporate Law advisory

Our corporate law advisory services cover any legal aspects concerning the devise, organization, and incorporation of your company.

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Human Resources

Our Human Resources advisory allows for businesses to reduce their fixed costs without sacrificing the professional management of human talent.

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Effective October 1, 2013, BDS Asesores has combined with U.S.-based law firm Littler Mendelson, P.C. (Littler Global), the world’s largest labor and employment firm. This move further solidifies the firm’s position as the premier provider of labor and employment legal services in Costa Rica and throughout the region.

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