We are your strategic partner: Over 10 years of experience as the only validated Payroll Management consulting firm in Central America, Panama, and Dominican Republic back up our services.

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Payroll management is a process in connection with the drafting of payrolls, payment execution and appropriate application of tax withholdings, social contributions and other items, according to the applicable laws in each country. We work in the following areas:

  • Calculation of items and employer/employee contribution obligations
  • Filing of employer contributions forms before the CCSS and the INS
  • Drafting and issuance of payment slips
  • Payroll creation: on an hourly, weekly, biweekly, fortnightly and monthly basis
  • Employees’ files, job-related certifications or records
  • Vacation enjoyment: records and unused vacation balance
  • Report creation: payroll, terminations, leaves of absence, vacation time
  • Salary items: overtime, commissions, bonuses
  • Christmas bonus: thirteenth month pay or equivalent
  • Labor settlements

Our services

Payroll management

We take care of payroll preparation and processing, as well as any directly related ancillary procedures.

Payroll and treasury

We take care of payroll payment preparation and processing, payment to vendors and payment of employer obligations with government authorities (CCSS and INS).

Payroll outsourcing

We manage payroll and treasury procedures, and also “become the employer of your associates”.

Payroll auditing

We mitigate the risks that may arise from payroll mismanagement: we validate its appropriate execution pursuant to the applicable laws and correct any common mistakes.

Why outsourcing?

Our payroll management services will provide you with greater functionality vs. having an in-house service but at lower costs. We are characterized by reliability and privacy to our business partners and human capital.

Backup and experience

“RH Pal stands out for their openness to listen to our expectations, align them and come up with solutions that truly meet our needs“.

Gabriela ortiz

Evonik International

As part of our digital transformation, Coopenae decided to change its Human Resources technological platform.  As service provider, RH Pal stood out for a number of reasons: The support from BDS law firm, a thoughtful and effective customer service from the very first time and the confidence shown when it comes to the handling, organization, and expertise on the different issues related to payroll management”.

Alicia paniagua

Coopenae Costa Rica

The support we have received from RH Pal has met our expectations, addressing social security issues and mitigating any risks arising from our relationship with our workers”.

Fabian Loreto

Bray Mexico

RH Pal has been a strategic partner in Nicaragua to ensure the formal hiring of our associates, providing them with all labor benefits as they are entitled to by law”.

Flory Beth Gutierrez

Root Capital

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