Become a Digital Nomad!

Costa Rica and Panama are offering you benefits, competitive prices and legal support so that you can settle down as digital nomad and combine your work from home with local tourism.

Our services

Immigration services

We take care of your visa procedures and any other necessary documents to settle down in the country.

Settling down in Costa Rica

We assist you in the accommodation and settling down process in the country, as well as to carry out tourism activities.

Coordination of banking procedures

We assist you in opening bank accounts in the country where you will settle down as digital nomad.

Why choosing Costa Rica or Panama to become a digital nomad?

Costa Rica is the seventh best destination worldwide for digital nomads according to InsureMyTrip; while the internet speed as well as service costs make Panama an appealing destination.

What benefits are offered by Costa Rica to attract digital nomads?
Digital nomads are covered in Costa Rica by the “Law to Attract Teleworkers and Remote Service Providers of an International Nature”.

Some of the benefits digital nomads may enjoy include:

  • Staying in the country with their relatives for one year (extendable for an additional one-year period).
  • Income tax exemption on their revenue.
  • Tax-free importation of their computer and communications equipment.
  • Authorization to open local bank accounts.
  • Validation of the driver’s license from their country of origin.
Who may become digital nomads in Costa Rica and what are their requirements?

Any person rendering remunerated services remotely, whether on a subordinated basis or otherwise, using computer, telecommunications or analogous equipment, and whose services are received outside the country will be considered a digital nomad in Costa Rica.

These persons must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide evidence of a monthly income equal to or above $3,000 if traveling alone; or $5000 if traveling with their relatives.
  • Purchase a health insurance policy covering their stay period in the country.
  • They may not work or provide remunerated services in Costa Rica other than those permitted in their digital nomad visas.
  • The immigration term benefit will be effective for one year extendable for an equal period. To apply for an extension, the person must have stayed in Costa Rican territory for at least 180 days of the year said visa was originally granted.
What is offered to digital nomads by Panama?

Panama has the Short-Stay Visa for Remote Workers program in place, which is intended for “extended stay” tourists and digital nomads.

This visa is intended for foreign nationals working for companies not established in this Central American country and will be valid for 18 months.

What are the requirements for digital nomads in Panama?
  • Provide evidence of income above $3k a month, or $4k per family.
  • Health insurance covering medical expenses while staying the country.
  • A letter or agreement evidencing the effectiveness of the person’s duties in the foreign company for which he/she works.
  • Affidavit on the non-acceptance of a job offer in Panamanian territory.

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