In keeping with our mission to boost businesses, BDS Asesores has designed the “El abc del derecho laboral” (“The A-B-C of Labor Law”), an e-learning program that will allow you to train your leadership for the appropriate understanding and application of the governing principles of labor laws

El ABC del derecho laboral

This course –designed in virtual format– is addressed to mid-level managers of companies (department heads, coordinators, supervisors, and leads). It consists of 10 asynchronous modules, through which participants will be able to gain the necessary capabilities to foster good working practices, boost productivity, and encourage talent retention.

Also, the course has two synchronous Q&A sessions (questions and answers) with one of BDS labor law specialists, who will address any questions raised. These sessions will be held by the middle and end portions of the course.

In addition, and for purposes of supplementing the profile of a qualified mid-level leadership, we have partnered with ADEN Business School to provide a series of soft skills courses that will allow your staff to improve their communication and negotiation skills in addressing disputes and in managing nimble teams, among other issues.

Learning Plan

10 asynchronous modules
2 synchronous sessions

Course Agenda

Module 1

Labor Law principles: In this module you will study the principles governing the analysis of labor regulations, as well as any legal reasoning in light of different situations that may arise over the course of the employment relationship.

Module 2

Pre-Contractual Stage: After mastering the legal principles of employment relationships, the following step will consist in learning about the best recruitment and selection practices. What should be asked during the pre-contractual stage? What type of tests or exams are permitted? These and other topics will be covered by this module.

Module 3

Contractual Stage. The employment agreement: As soon as our suitable candidate has been selected, we must choose what type of employment agreement is most suited to your business needs, as well as the type of information that must be included in the document.

Module 4

Contractual Stage. Contracting modalities: When it comes to labor law, not everything is black or white; there are gray areas when it comes to hiring staff that we must be aware of in order to make the right decisions. In this module, other non-labor contracting modalities will be reviewed, and you will learn how to differentiate them.

Module 5

Contractual Stage. Disciplinary and supervision powers: Employers are subject to obligations over the course of the employment relationship, but they also have a number of rights based on which they may ask employees to behave within certain limits required by the company. In this module we will study two of these powers to learn more about their scope and limitations.

Module 6

Contractual Stage. Application of the disciplinary power: The disciplinary power is another resource that employers have in order to penalize employee misconduct, but this power is also subject to limitations and is governed by a protocol of use. This module will deal about how to learn and use this set of powers properly in order to avoid incurring in any actions that might result in significant risks for the company.

Module 7

Contractual Stage. Salary: Over the first modules it is studied how salary is one of the key components of the employment relationship. Salary has its own particular set of rules, and thus this module will address in detail the types of salary as well as their definition.

Module 8

Contractual Stage. Work shifts: One of the main issues faced by businesses during contractual performance is the structure of the company’s work shifts or, if these have already been duly established, the modification limits that employers may be subject to in terms of their business needs. In this module we will learn about the different legal possibilities, as well as the way in which overtime, where any, should be properly calculated.

Module 9

Contractual Stage. Miscellaneous: How should the vacation entitlement be applied? May I regulate the use of social media during the work shift? How should personal data be processed during the employment relationship? This module will delve into these and other current situations of interest.

Module 10

Post-Contractual Stage. When the employment relationship comes to an end, a number of questions are usually raised: How the relationship may be ended? What is the most convenient modality to do so? What details should be considered in order to calculate the employment termination pay? All these questions in connection with the termination of the employment agreement will be addressed in the final module of this e-learning program.

Soft Skills


In partnership with ADEN Business School and as part of this training program, we offer the following courses on soft skills:

Course Agenda
  • Neuro-coaching tools
  • Training our emotions and our mind
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Effective negotiation principles
  • Negotiation practices
  • Approaches to conflicts
  • Managing conflict
  • Organizational approach
  • Adversity management and conflict resolution
  • Leading without blindfolds
  • Leading in action
  • Sustainable leadership
  • Building nimble teams
  • Team building
  • “Lean Startup” methodology
  • Stress management

Platform Customization

The e-learning program “El abc del derecho laboral” may be customized with your company’s brand. The brand customization of this training program will include:

    • The company’s logo on the e-learning platform
    • The company’s logo on the initial and final slide of each module
  • The client will provide the logo intended to be displayed on the e-learning platform in editable format (.ai or .pdf file).
  • The graphic material to be provided by the client must be submitted to BDS Asesores with at least 15 calendar days before the beginning of the program.
  • • The customization of the e-learning program will be subject to a one-time fee in addition to the total amount to be charged for the users that will take this program.

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