Corporate Law:

Legal services with a business focus
  • Compliance with corporate obligations
  • Inquiries and opinions
  • Advisory, drafting, and negotiation of any kind of commercial agreements and business transactions
  • Due Diligence – Corporate legal audit
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale and distribution agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Franchise
  • Assistance during Board of Directors and General Meetings

Special Regimes and Foreign Investment:

Local solutions with an international approach

Costa Rica:

  • Free zones, Startups


  • SEM, EMMA: for purposes of attracting and promoting investments, creating new jobs, and transferring know-how
  • Free zones
  • Panama-Pacific Special economic agency
  • Ciudad del saber

El Salvador:

  • Free zones: 
  • International Services Act (LSI in Spanish)
  • El Salvador’s Technical Innovation and Manufacture Fostering Act


  • Free zones
  • Temporary importation regime
  • Call Centers or BPOs Fostering Act

Dominican Republic

  • Incentive on the development of renewable energy sources and their special regimes
  • Special border development zone
  • Fostering of exportation free zones

Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Corporate Governance:

Working hand in hand with your team to boost your business
  • Development, advisory, and assistance on good governance practices ​
  • Counseling on Risk Management procedures and policies ​
  • Training and strengthening of Good Governance Programs
  • Design of Corporate Governance Programs and Policies
  • Analysis on existing gaps ​
  • Know-Your-Vendor procedures ​
  • Know-Your-Customer and Know-Your-Employee procedures​


Beyond conflict: our focus is on finding a resolution
  • Civil, commercial, contentious-administrative, and labor litigation
  • Commercial and investment arbitration ​
  • Intellectual property procedures​
  • Tax-related topics​
  • Disputes between shareholders

Intellectual Property and Health Registration:

Protecting your ideas and products
  • Registration of brands, trade names, slogans, and the like​
  • Registration of invention patents, industrial designs, industrial models, and utility models
  • Domain name registration
  • Registration of copyright and related rights​
  • Health registration with the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica​
  • Biomedical equipment and material​s
  • Cosmetic products​
  • Food

Business ventures and Medium and Small-Sized Enterprises (SMEs):

Empowering pioneers while securing their success
  • Advisory from the very beginning of your business venture, training, and assistance with special benefits for entrepreneurs
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Permits and procedures
  • Documentation management training ​
  • Guidance on benefits and seals for your business venture​s
  • Assistance during the development process, distribution, manufacture, franchising, and others.

Real-Estate Law:

We build it with you
  • Real property purchase letters of intent​
  • Options and promises to purchase and sell​
  • Sale and purchase of real property.​
  • Real estate project development​
  • Creation and modifications of condominium properties​
  • Advisory for Condo Association Meetings​
  • Due-diligence processes
  • Lease agreements
  • Evictions​
  • Others

Financial & Accounting Advice:

Legal formalization of the bookkeeping system of companies, including:

    1. Your company’s bookkeeping system in compliance with all legal standards; and ​

    2. Legal formalization of the corporate and accounting books, which will be used to develop the company’s accounting system and to record any transactions subject to the Tax on Movable Property Transfer & Service Provision; while also complying with any relevant provisions of the Commercial Code in connection with corporate books​.

    3. Company’s accounting management and supervision.We offer you any accounting services that a duly-incorporated company will require on a monthly basis in order to fulfill all its accounting and tax obligations, including:

    • Filing of monthly VAT returns and payments in advance forms
    • Annual fee renewals
    • Annual income tax returns before the Ministry of Finance and Municipal authorities within the jurisdiction of the company’s registered office
    • Daily record of accounting transactions
    • Handling of receivables and payables
    • Monthly update of statutory books, as well as any matters related with the company’s accounting system.

    Training and Webinars:

    Knowledge to act

    Our lawyers are in a constant pursuit of relevant regional issues as well as topics of interest for each country to provide the training you need to keep your knowledge up to date and help you make the right choices.

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