Costa Rican Labor Law

Compliance Audit

The consistent evolution of laws and the adoption of new workforce management practices require companies and organizations to consider labor law compliance as a critical issue to be addressed.

To achieve this, BDS Asesores offers you the “Costa Rican Labor Law Compliance Audit,” a unique service that will allow you to identify whether the adoption of your internal practices is consistent with current labor and social security regulations, as well as learn about any applicable judicial decisions regarding these matters.

How we provide this service

Essential stages:

1. Interviews

The staff of BDS Asesores will provide a questionnaire with specific questions on a number of topics regarding Costa Rican regulations intended for the company’s representatives with sufficient knowledge on the development of employment relationships in your business: Human Resources or employee relations department members, as well as any staff responsible for occupational health and safety.

These interviews will be supplemented with an on-site visit to the relevant workplace.

2. Review of internal documents

Including the assessment of several relevant documents on the development of employment relationships to check their validity, relevance, and proper use.

Additional Services

As an added value, and where agreed upon with the company or organization, we offer a staff interview service based on a full or partial scope. Our fee for this additional requirement or service will be set based on the number of individuals.

Also, the review of any court procedures pending in the organization and related to the Human Resources management may be also arranged.


A results report will be presented to the company’s representatives to discuss about any key findings to be considered by the organization along with their appropriate legal basis.



Ronald Gutiérrez

Ronald Gutiérrez

Partner BDS Asesores

Cristhian Monge

Cristhian Monge

Partner BDS Asesores

Why is conducting a labor audit important?

Ensures that your company is meeting all applicable laws and regulations.
Identification of improvement areas on personnel managements.
Prevention of any contingencies or claims resulting from the misinterpretation of legal provisions.

We have gained experience from serving over 50 institutions that have been counseled and/or represented by us, as the leading law firm in labor advisory.

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